1800+ Employees
Processing(800 employees) Installation(1000 employees)
11 Years Industrial Experience

Suzhou base was established and put into operation

Undertake: Saudi King airport, Suzhou central steel structure

Number of employees: 380

10000 tons of export projects completed in the first year


Chenxin heavy industry land has been implemented and officially registered

Undertaking: Kazakhstan world expo 2017, Macao MGM

Number of employees: 450

The annual production capacity reaches 50000 tons / year


Zhongcen installation Co., Ltd. was officially established with a total of 650 employees

Chenxin heavy industry was put into trial operation and officially put into operation on July 28, 2018

Undertake Changzhou metro, Shanghai Aviation Service Center, Nanshan hospital and other projects

Number of employees: 650

The annual production capacity reaches 70000 tons / year

The annual output value exceeded 500 million yuan

Taixing public wharf approved and started construction


Taixing public wharf was officially opened

The production capacity will exceed 100000 tons, and the total number of processing and installation employees will exceed 1600

The public wharf of the factory was officially opened, and the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise entered a stage of rapid development


The installation engineering company was established with 200 employees

Undertaking: Brazil ammonia fertilizer plant, Singapore bridge erecting machine and Jiangsu Grand Theater Project

Number of employees: 400


Taixing plant is officially constructed, with a total number of 450 people installed and an annual installation capacity of 80000 tons

Chenxin heavy industry was put into trial operation and officially put into operation on July 28, 2018

Undertaking: Saudi king tower, Xiangluo Bay in Tianjin, Yintai in Ningbo, etc

Number of employees: 550

The annual production capacity reaches 60000 tons / year

The annual output value exceeded 400 million yuan


Taixing plant has an annual capacity of 90000 tons and has entered the stage of transformation and upgrading

More than 30000 tons of foreign projects and more than 40000 tons of domestic professional subcontracting projects

The annual output exceeded 90000 tons

The annual output value exceeded 800 million yuan

16 Countries Engineering Services
100000+ Production Capacity
Business Sector

Professional Subcontractor Builder of Steel Structure

Steel Structure Fabrication

Steel Structure Installation


Chenxin Heavy Industry aspires to be the “Outstanding Builder”
Integrity-based to be trustworthy in word and implement with high efficiency for achieving results
Let us hand in hand for win-win cooperation and grow together.
Why Choose Chenxin Heavy Industry

Chenxin Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as CXHI)is located in the economic hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta with outstanding location advantages, developed traffic network and perfect surrounding industrial supporting facilities. Particularly, CXHI backs against Taixing Outer Ship Terminal, which has unique advantages in water transportation.

Since 2012, CXHI has been involved in many important projects both at home and abroad, such as Suzhou Central Plaza, Saudi Kingdom Tower, Lusail Stadium, Hong Kong Airport, etc., the business scope has covered the stadium, civil construction, airport, chemical industry, mining and other fields. After years precipitation, CXHI has brought together many technical talents and skilled workers, through a variety of stringent standards experience and tests from market, CXHI has been particularly proficient in mastering the overseas standards, such as Australian standards, European standards and American standards.

On July 28, 2018, Taixing production base successfully opened. With unique geographical location and better production supporting facility, CXHI continuously enhances its competitiveness in the steel structure industry and gradually transfers its core business to overseas market, and has successively passed ISO9001, EN1090,ISO3834, AISC and other international certifications.

CXHI holds the brand vision “centennial inheritance, integrity-based to build the future; Refined into steel, diligently cultivate for excellence ", adheres to stabilize the development with integrity and expand the market by competitive products. CXHI is willing to intensively cultivate in the steel structure industry, to enhance the enterprises competitiveness continuously, and aspire to become the industry benchmark.

World-renowned and Trustworthy
Brand Vision Centennial inheritance, integrity-based, all flowers bloom together, fully coverage for multiple fields
Brand Values No man can stand without faith, and no industry can prosper without integrity
Management Phil... Four Modernizations and One Stability, Integrity Creates and Reaching a Bright Future
Brand Mission Confidently trust the beauty of life and enlighten the beauty of architecture
Talent View Confidence Faith Trust
Customer View Be trustworthy in words,implement with high efficiency for achieving results and growing together
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News Information
Fruitful Autumn October, Joyful Harvest Season
To ensure the smooth progress of all projects, since the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, all CXHI employees have taken the initiative to stick to their posts and completed the loading & delivery of 35 trucks, 105 containers, 5 barges and 1 foreign vessel for 11 overseas projects and several domestic ones within 3 weeks.CXHI sticks to the concept of "Integrity Creates, Outstanding Architecture", adheres to high quality, excellent service & the idea of customer first. Creating values for customers is our persistent pursuit.1. Quick Mud Creek Bridge2. Canterbury Multi-Use Arena3. 520 Gardeners Road4. 香港机场T2C5. OKI II Transfer Tower6. 巴新PEBC/PICT7. Metro Martin Place Roof8. Vale Railway Bridge 9. Nelson Point Tug Haven10. Mardie Salt and Potash Project11. 333 Kent Street12. 常泰长江大桥北延段项目13. 新浦化学项目
Release time:2023-10-24
Smooth delivery for 520 Steel Structure Project
On August 4, 2023, the first batch of goods on 520 Gardeners Road project began to be shipped.The building is located in Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia, which is the first large-scale logistics warehouse transfer center in Sydney's inner city. It is the Australian municipal project with extremely high construction requirements, and AESS3/AESS4 standards is necessary for all the exposed structures.The main structure of the project are steel pipe columns, shaped steel columns, beams, bracings and rectangular hollow sections, with a total weight of 4140 tons.
Release time:2023-08-21
2022年建筑钢结构产量9200万吨,同比增长3.4% 我国建筑钢结构行业再迎新机遇
Release time:2023-07-04